About Us

Our team comprises doctors, medical instructors, software developers and engineers. Our company has been engaged in the development, manufacture, sales, and deployment of our products in educational process of medical colleges and universities for more than a decade. We have managed to forge lasting relations with our partners and clients.
 The company is recognized as one of the best in the industry and uncluded in the best regional companies rating.
About the rating.

We have supplied over 100 anatomy tables to educational institutions in Russia and CIS Countries. In 2019 we expanded into the markets of South East Asia and EU countries. The company is engaged in the software development and 3D modeling in Samara, and the interactive tables are manufactured at our Moscow site.

We ensure door-to-door delivery of our products and we train teachers to operate our Tables.
Vadim Gvozdkov
Phone+7 (906) 344 37 54
Maria Fedorova
Head of Export Direction
Phone+7 (960) 831 75 62
Office is located
of. 505, 157, Galaktionovskaya Str., Samara, Russia, 443001, tel.: +7 960 825 49 99
Production is located
16 building 1, Valdayskiy proezd, Moscow, Russia,125445

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